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YearCompass Pandemic Supplement, 2020

Contributing to Polish translation of a COVID-19 Pandemic Supplement of YearCompass: a booklet that helps reflect on the year and plan the next one.

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit and humanity was forced to #stayathome – no one knew what was going to happen in a few months time. The media coverage was not optimistic either: unexpected tragic passing of our most loved ones, rapidly rising divorce rates of married couples, unfolding depression wave among each and everyone of us. I wanted to help – and found a way where I could use my old-forgotten skills for a greater good. 



For the last couple of years, the period after Christmas – but before New Year’s Eve, has been a magical time for me. That’s when I have been summarizing my previous year – with a special tool: the YearCompass booklet. Since 2012, it is helping people around the world to reflect on the ending year and to plan the coming one. In 2020, the Core Team has developed a Pandemic Supplement – specially designed questions helping to cope with the ongoing pandemic. When I first heard about it – I felt the desire to contribute – by helping in translating it to Polish language.




Lesson Learned

After releasing the Polish version of a booklet – I was proud of myself, wholeheartedly feeling gratitude. It is not every day – that I help thousands and every single one of Polish YearCompass fans.


        Finally, after a couple of days, we made it happen:

        • 1: Pandemic Supplement,
        • 2: translators,
        • 3: days,
        • 8: pages,
        • 963: words.